Ensure ADA Compliance to Make Your Website Accessible to Handicapped Users

We Help Make Your Website ADA (WCAG) Compliant and Accessible to 50 million Americans with Disabilities. 


Guaranteed full ADA compliance certificate with year-round protection
Single quick step. You only need to place one line of code and leave the rest to us.
We Make your website disability-friendly and open to everyone.


Almost 20% of Online US Users Have a Disability
According to the US Census Bureau report, 51 million Americans age 15 years and over have some disability:

Almost 19.9 million experience difficulty in grasping or lifting, which impacts their keyboard or mouse usage.
1 million people have some sort of visual impairment. Some must rely on screen readers or magnifiers, and others suffer from color blindness.
6 million people are hearing impaired. They usually use captions and or transcripts for video and audio media.
By making your digital content more accessible, you can reach more customers, improve customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge over businesses that don’t integrate disability accessibility features.


Get a Compliance Warranty Worth $1M
We offer several accessibility tiers from a simple single line widget that increases website accessibility to a complete site audit followed by improving online accessibility and making the website completely compliant. If you get sued due to your website’s lack of accessibility, we provide you a $1 million warranty.


Text Reader Feature
The text reader feature is a built-in feature that only reads the textual content within the document. This tool addresses users who have difficulties reading different textual content and those who have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). By integrating a text reader, the user can easily control the reading flow with a keyboard or mouse. Furthermore, the user gains complete control over the rate of reading and the reader widget’s sound pitch.


Navigation with Keyboard
Users who have motor impairments experience difficulty with mouse use, while visually impaired or blind users regularly use keyboard navigation. The navigation function of the keyboard meets the standard WCAG 2.0 requirements. It provides the users with complete accessibility allowing them to navigate the pages with only the use of a keyboard.


Blinks Blocking
This tool is for those disabled users who have a susceptibility to seizures resulting from flashing effects, flickering or strobing. For users with learning disabilities, it eliminates any news-tickers, galleries, graphics, auto-plays and other forms of animation that might cause distraction or trigger a photo-epileptic seizure.


Monochrome, Bright High-Contrast, Dark High-Contrast
This tool gives three contrast display choices, thus adhering to the guidelines of WCAG 2.0. This enables changing the background and text colors, so users with visual impairment can easily read content.


Image Descriptions
Graphics and images make it easy to understand the surrounding text. According to WCAG 2.0 guidelines, all non-textual content must have alternative text that explains the graphic or image itself. This tool for image description follows WCAG Success Guidelines section 1.4.5. It ensures the prominent display of image information and clarifies the image’s intended meaning to users. It also includes functionality that improves low vision users’ usability such as a large black cursor, a sizeable white cursor, header highlighters and links.


Value-Added Functions of the Accessibility Toolbar
Other functions it offers include an increase or decrease in font size and font readability. This package gives your clients’ users with visual impairments an option to reduce or increase the size of text or choose a simple, basic, and easily readable font without functionality or readability loss.


"Triple A" WCAG 2.0 Level Solution
This is a complete accessibility tool suite packaged in a single, easy-to-install and use widget. It meets the specific “Triple A” level conformance guidelines.
Give you protection from potential lawsuits.





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